Realme GT – Smartphone Comparison


The Realme GT is an amazing phone, which features a touch-screen display with a high-definition resolution. The Realme GT 128 Gerrard is an incredible phone with Android, which has a beautiful screen with a pixel-density of 4.5. The phone has 128MB internal storage space and comes with a generous 8192 MB working memory, which enables you to use your device for a long time. realme gt

The Realme GT also comes with a wonderful camera, which has an eight megapixel camera, a full-fledged GPS with touch display, as well as a barcode scanner and a whole lot more. The Realme GT also comes with an amazing collection of wallpapers such as the ‘ecure’ wallpapers, which are real high quality images. These images can be used for many things, such as on the phone or in the office, as they are high definition images, which will look absolutely gorgeous. The aliexpress website also enables users to download games to the phone from a selection of top titles, including Parallels Golf, Odd Blob and many others. Some of these games will not work on certain handsets, so it is always important to check.

The Realme GT series offers two different cameras, namely, the Coolpix Camera and the Coolpix Mini Camera. The Coolpix camera has a built-in LED flashlight, which illuminates the front lens. The regular lens has an auto focus feature and a manual focus. The Realme GT Mini camera also features an eye-tracking facility. This uses a finger imaging system which recognizes the user’s eyes, allowing them to focus automatically.

Another unique aspect to Realme GT is that it offers an extraordinary value for money. At just over $100, the Realme GT is considerably cheaper than other similar handsets. Moreover, it offers twice the storage space for the same amount of memory, which is extremely helpful for multimedia users who want to expand their storage using this phone. The aliexpress website claims that this phone has the capability to store 2040 hours worth of data, which is more than double that offered by all leading smartphones.

The Realme GT series is not without disadvantages, however. Because the phone has an extended memory, the users will notice slower performance of the phone. The battery life is limited to about three hours of talk time. Furthermore, the Realme GT has no built-in flash, which means that it cannot function as a smartphone camera as it lacks the built-in image processing hardware.

In addition, Realme GT does not have as many customizable options as its competitors. Though the phone allows users to change the skin and add widgets such as the Google+ widget, the manufacturer only allows users to change their ringtones and settings to only a few pre-determined ringtones. There is also no Bluetooth capability, which disappoints many potential buyers who would like to use their smartphones as a Bluetooth device. Users who are traveling with their handsets may find these shortcomings frustrating. But if you are an early adopter, you should expect these shortcomings since most smartphones will be able to address these issues in the future.

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